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Valentin Beșleagă

I’ve been working for many years in the IT industry as a business intelligence consultant while triathlon has been a pure hobby aside the job. Sport is one of my core values and a true passion, but IM experience was extraordinary. I learned that anything is possible, if you make up your mind and commit to it. It was a journey with life lessons that changed my life, helped me grow and shaped me as a person. This is how I decided to take triathlon full time and become a triathlon coach. With Ironman and ITU certifications, I coach all types of athletes of any level regardless of the location.
I still train and compete but the biggest satisfaction I get is from helping others achieve their goals and be part of their success story.
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” (Walt Disney)

  • Ironman certified coach
  • ITU certified coach
  • Fitness Instructor


As a data driven person, I like working with numbers, to measure and analyze as much as possible. Sport has also become a science and all the data we collect from our day-to-day devices is a critical factor for success if it gets transformed into meaningful information. Information that helps me as a coach to create tailored training sessions from which the athletes take the most out of them reducing the risk of injury and illness. I personally prefer the collaborative approach where the athletes and their constant feedback are always the most important in order to match the figures with what the athletes feel when is about training, so they can maximize their performance.
Science is wonderful but it’s supporting the desire from the heart.

Triathlon Coaching

  • triathlon coaching (and remotely)
  • bespoke training plans 
  • training consultation
  • 1-2-1 training sessions
  • swim, bike fit and run analysis
  • fitness evaluation
  • open water training
  • strength and core training
  • mobility and flexibility, injury prevention exercises 
  • nutrition and fueling, sport supplements 
  • race day nutrition plan
  • tips, advice, support and motivation

What are you looking for?

Unim oameni care împărtășesc aceeași pasiune pentru triathlon și ne dorim să creăm o comunitate care să ofere suport tuturor celor care ni se alătură.